Aircraft airframe

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The global airline market continues to grow. The current aviation industry, aircraft operation and maintenance companies are seeking technicians, mechanics; aircraft maintenance engineers who are very well trained both in theoretical and practical field. Aviation labour market enables free movement of specialists, goods and services, resulting in the globalization of aviation education. Globalization involves the increasing international integration of new training requirements relating except one to the implementation of a single language which is the English. Current trends clearly show that jobseekers in the aviation industry must be able to understand the technical terminology and be able to communicate in English.
Presented book “Aircraft airframe” is aimed to the fundamental theory of an aircraft structure consistent with EASA Module 11A Part 66. The aim of the book “Aircraft airframe” is not only the interpretation of specialized texts in English but mainly their form, structure and terminology that best suits the reader from non-English speaking countries. The textbook contains selected chapters from Airframe structure. The authors when writing this publication they tried to use the original English texts and their own knowledge of previous teaching experience in order to maintain the correct technical terminology. The book can be used as a basic literature for student’s individual and group training for certification of specialists


ISBN 9788378802303
Autor Pila J.Kozuba J.Peruń G.
Oprawa br
Rok wydania 2014
Format b5
Stron 245

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