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For Architects publishes a series of books intended for construction professionals (architects, engineers and construction companies), students at architecture and construction faculties, and people simply interested in construction issues, who want to expand their construction knowledge and understanding of the available range of architectural and construction solutions. These books, developed by a team of experienced architects led by Przemysław Markiewicz, Ph.D., M.Eng., contain carefully selected and organized information, both descriptive and technical, and are richly illustrated with proprietary drawings of architectural and construction solutions, based on precise 3D models.
BUILDING CONSTRUCTION is a compendium of practical construction knowledge, in which individual construction solutions are shown as parts of a greater whole functioning in conjunction with other parts, and forming a complete building only when combined together.
The selection of a specific technical solution at a particular stage of construction results in and, at the same time, necessitates the selection of successive solutions which best fit the requirements both of the situation at hand and the originally selected solution. This book will help you learn and understand underlying principles, while at the same time presenting you with alternate design solutions. Concise descriptions of construction solutions for successive elements of a building are illustrated with clear drawings of perspective models. The perspective layout drawings are supplemented with plans, and with plan views and cross-sections of design details.


ISBN 9788394054007
Autor Markiewicz-Zahorski Przemysław
Oprawa br
Rok wydania 2014
Format a4
Stron 368

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