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English for Students of Geology

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This book is addressed to students of geology at upper intermediate and advanced levels (B2-C2). It is designed as a resource book for academic teachers who are interested in stimulating their students' desire to acquire the linguistic skills necessary to talk about issues related to geology in English. There are 12 units in the book, each based on a particular theme. The units are comprised of text-based activities, which focus on the acquisition and consolidation of the thematic vocabulary as well as stimulate discussions and develop confidence in using English when speaking about geology. At the end of the book a key and glossary can be found covering the answers to the exercises, instructions how to use the material in particular units and the English-Polish translation of the key vocabulary. In addition, the book contains a CD with the tracks of all listening exercises. This book is a modest attempt to bridge the gap between the subject matter of geology and the indispensable tool to practise it - the English language.


ISBN 9788374647083
Autor Kowalczyk
Oprawa br
Rok wydania 2014
Format a4
Stron 80

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